Scoopeo, it’s over

Scoopeo was a French-speaking “Digg-like” site of Belgian origin that has known its best times around the end of 2007, early 2008. As time went by, Scoopeo had become -like many such sites- victim of ‘spamming’ and lost its image as only funny pictures of videos seemed to get some visibility. But it remained yet a good Belgian initiative that had its audience.

In a mail sent to its members earlier today and on their blog, the Scoopeo creators announce the definitive end of the site by next Wednesday at the latest.


It’s actually pretty obvious and common to many Web 2.0 initiatives: the management didn’t succeed in finding a business model strong enough to cover the running costs as well as the necessary time to manage such platform. Let’s not forget this is also an issue that still remains for major growing sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Next to that, Scoopeo’s decreasing content quality and traffic (see Alexa’s graph hereunder) were the extra factors that certainly pushed towards this definitive solution, which actually cannot be considered as a surprise.

What’s next?

Scoopeo’s source code will be open sourced and the domain name will be auctioned on eBay, unless a new investor is interested in taking over, what is possible through

In the meantime, the founders, Grégory and Jean-Marc Goemaere, will keep their web development activities (Yswood), as well as the music production site they created together with Tourne Sol, a Belgian artist production house:

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