Traditional advertising is still relevant, even Google thinks so

For years, Google has succeeded in building the most valuable brand of the world while hardly doing any traditional advertising.

Whether it’s through technical innovations or with anecdotes, Google succeeds to appear in the media very often against a very sharp marketing budget.Google New-York Times Ad

Having said this, let’s not forget that Google isn’t always number one. It’s actually pretty common to see Google struggling in other domains than search.

The most typical case is probably the web browser Google Chrome, which seems to be the exception to Google’s marketing rule of not marketing in a traditional way. It started in Japan with a TV advertising (pretty conceptual) in the beginning of the year and more recently in the States.

Last week, called upon the great classic of the online ad, ie the display ad (a pretty big one) on the homepage of the New-York Times. A big ‘banner-ad’ to promote Google Chrome’s Youtube Channel on which you can find a whole set of Video Ads (as conceptual) promoting the browser’s features.

Whether we like the clips or not (and I am not fan), we can be assured many European media would love to see Google using their advertising space to convoy its message.

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