Truvolabs launches private beta

Truvo LabsWith the team Truvolabs, a small group of Ruby on Rails experts installed in the Netherlands, Truvo has been working for the last few weeks on a new concept of local search online, which will be simply called for the time being.

The concept’s goal is to combine the strengths of Web 2.0 with the structure of a traditional publisher. Truvo invites surfers to sign up to be able to share their opinions and discover the ideas of other surfers in their community, but on the basis of a quality database that has been pre-treated, enriched, and distilled by the team responsible for the edition of the Golden Pages in print and online.

The look is very different from the Golden Pages and leaves much room for exchange and community aspect. The navigation, while leaving room for a good search engine, is also much more focused on a tagging system  that, over time, will be enriched by the users under the leadership of Community Managers to ensure a qualitative growth. From the launch day, users will have the ability to add comments, scores, photos on most places and have the opportunity to create their own guides to be shared with the community.

This is for Truvo a first step before adding new features according to the needs of the surfers. Today, the site is in the final stages of its development phase and only available in private beta for a few users.

As I have some connections within Truvo ;-), I have had the opportunity to play around the site and I can even offer you a first screenshot:

The public launch is planned for later in the summer, but people interested in Private Beta can register through the website. The number of access is limited, but there should be some available left. And don’t forget it’s a first beta ;-).

In the meantime, you can also follow the developments on the blog of the Community Managers of Truvo and on the TruvoBelgium Twitter account.


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