A restaurant in the trees

To demonstrate the usefulness of their media, the Yellow Pages of New Zealand launched a quite original challenge: build a restaurant at 10 meters high in the trees.

The Yellow Treehouse project that took over in October 2008 at the end of January 2009. Appointed to achieve this mission with the help of print, online or mobile directories, Tracey Collins built this restaurant in 66 days while keeping a daily update on the website.

The whole course was covered by a media campaign including television, billboards and bannering online.

The project, created by Colenso BBDO and AIM Proximity, is pretty creative and had some good response in the media (although one can imagine that it did not please every environmentalist), but the mini-site is behind it is -to me- a disaster in terms of usability and social media.

Entirely in Flash, including the navigation of the blog (sic), the site has a “hazardous” navigation and does not provide any flexible way to spread the video’s (you have to search for a well hidden YouTube channel) or pictures . There are the basic ‘share’ buttons in gray in the footer of the page, but they do share the homepage regardless of on which page you are.

A missed opportunity there.

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