The Come Back of the Evian babies

Two years after the baby version of Queen’s We Will Rock You, Evian has put its babies back on stage, with a different, electro-rap, music style, ie (“Rapper’s Delight” by Dan The Automator) and, most of all, a much more evolved video creation.

As any good buzz video never comes alone, this video is just there as part of a mini website around the “Evian Live Young” concept. This site, that reminds you how good it is to drink water, refers to everything around the movie, including this short making-of (also a must in today’s buzz video strategy).

To complete the scene, three Facebook profiles have been created in the name of the main characters:
Anna, the salto queen;
Tom, the king of roller;
Vincent, the choregraph.

Three stars that actually don’t have the age to have a profile according to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. I guess Facebook does make exceptions for virtual stars.

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