Extreme Trust – Honesty as a competitive advantage

Last weekend, during the DMA 2012 congress, I have had the opportunity to attend a keynote by Don Peppers, well-known specialist in customer driven business stratgy.

Don Peppers talked about the content of his last book, “Extreme Trust”, which is about the growing need for businesses to deserve the consumers’ trust if they want to remain profitable.
This need to be trustable is one the consequences of the technological evolution which gives us, as consumers, the power to interact faster, better, and more often. That’s what Peppers calls -in analogy to Moore’s law- “Zuckerberg’s law”: we interact 1000 times more every 20 years. Continue reading “Extreme Trust – Honesty as a competitive advantage”

The new is live

After several months of development and a complete migration of providers, systems and technology, the new web site has been launched today.

Next to the technical exercise, the new web site has introduce some unique new features on the Real Estate search in Belgium.

First off, the usability has been drastically improved: by skipping older selection screens and simplifying the search form, the site allows the user to quickly see the real estate offering and start his “window shopping” from there thanks to dynamic filters on the left side. Continue reading “The new is live”

What the f**k is Social Media

This very poetic title is actually the title of a very good overview on Social Media, their power and some do’s and dont’s in social media advertising.

It all starts with a Twitter quote by Google Analytics Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, “Social media is like teen sex: Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it’s not better.”. An excellent introduction to a very good presentation by Marta Kagan that offers a whole update on Social Media today.

I can only advise you to have a read at this excellent presentation.

Make a Friend Famous

This “Make a Friend Famous” campaign and Facebook application has been launched a couple weeks ago by HBO, the US broadcaster well-known for its creative TV series. The goal of the exercise is to promote the U.S. launche of the new season of the “Entourage” serie.

The base concept of this game is actually dead-classic, it’s a popularity contest like the “web-2.0-sphere” like it, but smartly based on the main topic of the promoted program, ie the daily life and challenges of the manager of a star. This is where one can see some originality in the concept: as a candidate, you have to do the maximum to get votes, not for yourself, but for a friend of yours you have chosen to “manage” up the celebrity ladder. Next to the obvious link with the topic, it Continue reading “Make a Friend Famous”

The Come Back of the Evian babies

Two years after the baby version of Queen’s We Will Rock You, Evian has put its babies back on stage, with a different, electro-rap, music style, ie (“Rapper’s Delight” by Dan The Automator) and, most of all, a much more evolved video creation. Continue reading “The Come Back of the Evian babies”

A restaurant in the trees

To demonstrate the usefulness of their media, the Yellow Pages of New Zealand launched a quite original challenge: build a restaurant at 10 meters high in the trees.

The Yellow Treehouse project that took over in October 2008 at the end of January 2009. Appointed to achieve this mission with the help of print, online or mobile directories, Tracey Collins built this restaurant in 66 days while keeping a daily update on the website. Continue reading “A restaurant in the trees”

The Vendor-Client Relationship

I don’t know where the following video comes from neither who realised it, but it nicely illustrates the situation some companies are facing with their customers during these crisis times.

As a smile is always good, here is a movie that presents variations of vendor-client relationship in day-to-day situations. I’m the speeches may sound familiar to some developers, graphists, or other business owners.

I love it when the guy asks the chef to show how he did.

Belgian Webmission: Entrepreneurs to San Francisco

The Webmission idea started with two Belgian web developers: Laurent Eschenauer from Liège, who created the  Life Stream tool Storytlr (which he was invited to present by Google) and Xavier Damman from Nivelles, who launched Commentag, a tool that aims to organize the masses of information tha goes through the Micro-Blogging tool Twitter.

Initially, they were to go to San Francisco to attend the Google I/O conference, a huge gathering of web developers, and to stay a week to visit the local start-ups. Then the idea just grew and other start-ups, developers and Belgian web enthusiasts were kindly invited to join the mission. Continue reading “Belgian Webmission: Entrepreneurs to San Francisco”