The new is live

After several months of development and a complete migration of providers, systems and technology, the new web site has been launched today.

Next to the technical exercise, the new web site has introduce some unique new features on the Real Estate search in Belgium.

First off, the usability has been drastically improved: by skipping older selection screens and simplifying the search form, the site allows the user to quickly see the real estate offering and start his “window shopping” from there thanks to dynamic filters on the left side. Continue reading “The new is live”

Belgian Webmission: Entrepreneurs to San Francisco

The Webmission idea started with two Belgian web developers: Laurent Eschenauer from Liège, who created the  Life Stream tool Storytlr (which he was invited to present by Google) and Xavier Damman from Nivelles, who launched Commentag, a tool that aims to organize the masses of information tha goes through the Micro-Blogging tool Twitter.

Initially, they were to go to San Francisco to attend the Google I/O conference, a huge gathering of web developers, and to stay a week to visit the local start-ups. Then the idea just grew and other start-ups, developers and Belgian web enthusiasts were kindly invited to join the mission. Continue reading “Belgian Webmission: Entrepreneurs to San Francisco”

Wolfram|Alpha goes live

Wolfram|Alpha is live since last night.

What Wolfram|Alpha? Although it may look like a search engine characterized by its simple interface, Wolfram Alpha can more be defined as a knowledge base or an answer engine. This “Computational Knowledge Engine” as they call it has been developed by a team led by British mathematician Steven Wolfram.

The lon- term goal of the site is to make “all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone”. The site, which is very focussed on the “English-speaking knowledge” today, will not give you a list of web sites as a traditional search engine, but the answers to your questions in a structured form. A dream for every lazy student. Continue reading “Wolfram|Alpha goes live”

Scoopeo, it’s over

Scoopeo was a French-speaking “Digg-like” site of Belgian origin that has known its best times around the end of 2007, early 2008. As time went by, Scoopeo had become -like many such sites- victim of ‘spamming’ and lost its image as only funny pictures of videos seemed to get some visibility. But it remained yet a good Belgian initiative that had its audience.

In a mail sent to its members earlier today and on their blog, the Scoopeo creators announce the definitive end of the site by next Wednesday at the latest. Continue reading “Scoopeo, it’s over”