What the f**k is Social Media

This very poetic title is actually the title of a very good overview on Social Media, their power and some do’s and dont’s in social media advertising.

It all starts with a Twitter quote by Google Analytics Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, “Social media is like teen sex: Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it’s not better.”. An excellent introduction to a very good presentation by Marta Kagan that offers a whole update on Social Media today.

I can only advise you to have a read at this excellent presentation.

Truvolabs launches private beta

Truvo LabsWith the team Truvolabs, a small group of Ruby on Rails experts installed in the Netherlands, Truvo has been working for the last few weeks on a new concept of local search online, which will be simply called Truvo.com for the time being.

The concept’s goal is to combine the strengths of Web 2.0 with the structure of a traditional publisher. Truvo invites surfers to sign up to be able to share their opinions and discover the ideas of other surfers in their community, but on the basis of a quality database that has been pre-treated, enriched, and distilled by the team responsible for the edition of the Golden Pages in print and online. Continue reading “Truvolabs launches private beta”

Scoopeo, it’s over

Scoopeo was a French-speaking “Digg-like” site of Belgian origin that has known its best times around the end of 2007, early 2008. As time went by, Scoopeo had become -like many such sites- victim of ‘spamming’ and lost its image as only funny pictures of videos seemed to get some visibility. But it remained yet a good Belgian initiative that had its audience.

In a mail sent to its members earlier today and on their blog, the Scoopeo creators announce the definitive end of the site by next Wednesday at the latest. Continue reading “Scoopeo, it’s over”